Kondeshwar Temple: A Place Of Peace And Natural Beauty

There are places that offer comfort and calmness, where one can seek spiritual blessings while being surrounded by the mesmerizing beauty of nature. Kondeshwar is one such destination that combines spiritual significance with breathtaking landscapes. Located in Maharashtra, this hidden gem beckons those who are drawn to the blessings of Lord Shiva and the allure of lush green hills. In this blog post, we will provide you with essential information and tips to plan your visit to this fascinating place.

Upon arriving at Kondeshwar, visitors are greeted by the serene ambiance and the ancient Shiva Temple. The temple’s compound is clean and spacious, offering plenty of space to sit and soak in the tranquil surroundings. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple showcases intricate carvings and sculptures, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Maharashtra. Devotees can seek solace and offer their prayers in this peaceful abode.

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How to Reach Kondeshwar:


Kondeshwar is conveniently located, being around 80 kilometers away from Mumbai and approximately 150 kilometers from Pune. You can easily plan a day trip or a weekend getaway from these major cities to explore this enchanting destination. This location can be easily accessed by road via the route Badlapur – Kharvai – Bhoj – Kondeshwar.

Nearest Railway Station:

For those traveling by train, the nearest railway station is Badlapur. From Badlapur East station, you can hire an auto-rickshaw. Auto riksha charges are between 250 to 350 depending upon season. The scenic drive from the station to the destination adds to the overall experience and allows you to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

Best Time to Visit:

To truly experience the bliss of nature at Kondeshwar, it is recommended to visit after the rainy season. The area comes alive with vibrant greenery and the waterfalls are at their most majestic. Plan your visit in the early morning hours to immerse yourself in the serene ambiance and witness the beauty of the surroundings undisturbed. Alternatively, you can arrive in the afternoon and spend a few peaceful hours until evening.

Accommodation and Food:

If you wish to extend your stay, Bhoj Resort offers accommodation facilities near Kondeshwar. However, it’s advisable to check for availability and make prior reservations. While tea and snacks are available at Kondeshwar, it is recommended to carry your own lunch or dine at the Bhoj Resort. Remember to carry a dustbin bag to dispose of your waste responsibly and help in preserving the natural beauty of the place.

Places to Explore:

The main attractions in Kondeshwar include the Shiva Temple, Kondeshwar Falls, Bhoj Dam & Lake, and Waterfall. The Shiva Temple is the spiritual centerpiece, surrounded by small shops where you can indulge in tasty treats like vada pav, biscuits, and chips. Take your time to relax and embrace the nature around you, as there are plenty of spots where you can sit and soak in the tranquil atmosphere.

Important Tips:

If you plan to visit Waterfall near Kondeshwar, exercise caution as the terrain can be unsafe, especially during heavy rains. Additionally, while the temple compound provides ample dustbins, it is disheartening to see some tourists littering the river bank with plastic and empty bottles. Let us be responsible visitors and carry our own food while ensuring we leave no trace behind.

Kondeshwar is a hidden paradise that offers a perfect blend of spirituality and natural beauty. With its serene surroundings, lush green hills, and majestic waterfalls, it presents a unique opportunity to seek blessings while being immersed in the wonders of nature. Plan your visit carefully, follow the tips provided, and prepare to witness the awe-inspiring beauty. Remember to respect and preserve this precious gem so that future generations can also revel in its charm.

Restrictions on Visiting Temple during monsoon season

Due to recent instances of misconduct and inappropriate behavior by some visitors, the administration has implemented certain restrictions on visiting Kondeshwar Temple in Maharashtra. These measures have been put in place to ensure the safety and sanctity of this sacred site. It is imperative to preserve the tranquility and respect that the temple deserves. The administration is actively working on enhancing security measures and creating a safer environment for everyone.

We urge all visitors to kindly adhere to the guidelines set by the authorities and to respect the rules and regulations of the temple. Let us collectively strive to preserve the sanctity of this revered place and create a positive and peaceful atmosphere for all who wish to seek solace and spiritual enlightenment.

Note: It is always advisable to check with the local authorities or temple management before planning your visit to Kondeshwar Temple to stay informed about any updates or changes in the visiting policies.





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