5 Holy Jyotirlinga In Maharashtra

What is Jyotirlinga? The word is a Sanskrit compound of "jyotis," meaning light, and "linga," which signifies a sign. It's a divine source of light and energy that symbolizes his presence and power.  There are 12 Jyotirlingas, and five of them are located in the state of Maharashtra

Located in Aurangabad district, near Ellora Grishneshwar's jyotirlinga radiates grace, a peaceful spot where devotees find solace.


Located in Nashik district, near Trimbak known for being the only Jyotirlinga with the representation of the divine Trinity - Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.


Located in Pune district, near Bhimashankar Bhimashankar is known for its serene natural beauty and its significance as a place where Lord Shiva's divine energy is deeply felt


Beed district, near Parli. known for its serene surroundings and spiritual atmosphere. "Vaijnath" meaning the Lord of Medicines, symbolizing healing and well-being


Hingoli district, near Aundha Nagnath Aundha was built around the 13th century, The main part of the temple is hidden underground.


To learn more about Maharashtra's five jyotirlingas, visit  https://maharashtradiscovery.com/maharashtras-5-jyotirlingas/