Dolphin Safari and My Trip to Chiplun and Dapoli

Today, I would like to share my happiest journey to Dapoli, which happened in May month. I visited a resort in Chiplun and explored Guhagar Beach, Harne Beach, and Karde Beach during this trip. We also visited the Kadyavarcha Ganpati Temple, located around 22 km away from Harnai Beach. I have cherished memories of this trip, where I relished local food, enjoyed the beaches, and witnessed dolphins up close.

Starting the Trip

I traveled to these places with my family and relatives (a group of 12). Our journey began from Pune at 5:00 AM in the morning in a traveler. We chose the Tamhini Ghat route for both sides of the journey. Our first stop was just before Tamhini Ghat, near Mulashi, where you can find good restaurants to enjoy a meal. Then, we resumed our journey. Tamhini Ghat is exceptionally beautiful, and you will get attracted by its picturesque scenery.

Arriving in Chiplun and Lunch
Tarangan Resort
Tarangan Resort Chiplun

On the first day, we stayed at Tarangini Resort in Chiplun. The resort is delightful, designed in the style of old Konkan homes. The owner is a very kind and helpful person. The rooms were clean, and the surroundings were lovely, with cashew trees adorning the property. We didn’t dine at the resort because we were unsure of our arrival time in the afternoon. Instead, we opted for a local eatery in Chiplun. The taste of the food was awesome; it was my first time savoring authentic Konkani cuisine in Konkan. All of us enjoyed the fish thali. Afterward, we returned to the resort and rested until 5:00 PM.

Exploring Guhagar Beach

On the same day, after some rest in resort, we visited Guhagar Beach, which was a 30-minute drive from the resort. Guhagar Beach is a beautiful spot with attractive white sand and various beach sports activities. I’ll provide more details about this beach, along with Dapoli beaches, in another blog. My daughter and other family members had a great time on the beach for two hours until the sun set and darkness descended. Afterward, we made our way back to the resort. On our way back, we spotted another restaurant/Khanaval and decided to have dinner there. If you want to experience the authentic taste of Konkani food, local restaurants/Khanavals are the way to go.

Guhagar Beach
Guhagar Beach
A Delicious Stop in Khed

On day two, we embarked on a journey to Dapoli, which took us about 3 hours. On our way, we made a delightful stop in Khed for lunch. We found a wonderful family-run eatery by the highway called “Gharguti Khavanaval.” As per our plan to savor the flavors of the Konkan region, I ordered a Fish Thali. The taste at this eatery was unique, awesome, and simply the best. I’ll definitely visit this place whenever I travel through Khed.

A Refreshing Visit to Kadyavarcha Ganpati

After a satisfying lunch, we continued our journey to Dapoli. Upon reaching Dapoli, our first destination was Kadyavarcha Ganpati, a shrine dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The 3-hour journey had left us tired, but visiting this temple made all our weariness disappear, and we felt incredibly fresh and energetic. Kadyavarcha Ganpati is on a hill near Anjarle village, surrounded by lush forests. The view from the temple includes a glimpse of the sea, making it even more beautiful.

Fun at Dapoli Beach

Following our temple visit, we headed to Dapoli Beach, where we spent a joyful hour. My daughter and little cousin even enjoyed a camel ride there. The hotel owner, where we planned to stay in Dapoli, suggested we visit Harnei Beach to explore the fish market and buy fish for dinner if we wished. This turned out to be another fantastic experience of our trip – purchasing fresh fish right by the seashore. The fish market was quite extensive, right on the shoreline. We bought Palpet / Pomfret, Bangada / Indian Mackerel and kolambi / shrimp for dinner, and the prices were almost 30-40% less than what we pay in the city. Plus, the freshness was unbeatable. Bargaining skills came in handy at the market.

Kshanbhar Vishranti – A Home Stay

With our freshly bought fish in tow, we headed to our chosen home stay, “Kshanbhar Vishranti,” located on Karde Beach. This home stay was one of the trip’s main highlights, exceeding our expectations in every way. The cleanliness and facilities matched those of a 3-star hotel. The sea view from the hotel was breathtaking and beyond our wildest imaginations. Upon arrival, we handed over the fish to the chef for dinner preparations and headed to the sea for some fun. We enjoyed the sea until the evening darkness set in. At dinner, we were treated to the delicious fish we had purchased from the market. Just like the home stay itself, the taste of the food they prepared was indescribably delicious and awesome.

A Memorable Dolphin Safari in Chiplun and Dapoli
Dolphin Safari
Dolphin Safari

On the following day, we embarked on another unforgettable adventure: a dolphin safari. The starting point for the dolphin safari was within walking distance from our homestay. These safaris began early in the morning, and we set out at 7:00 am. The boat journey to the spot where we could see the dolphins in the sea took about 30 minutes. It was my very first time witnessing these magnificent creatures, and I was feeling awesome. I never thought I’d get the chance to see dolphins within Maharashtra. There were lot of dolphins around our boat and playing with themselves. They do not touch or harm the boat. The entire family group was left surprised and very happy by the experience of watching dolphins in the sea.

Enjoyed on Karde Beach and Missed Fort Opportunity

After observing the dolphins, we returned to the sea for three more hours of enjoyment before starting our journey back home. There was a Suvarnadurga Fort fort near the beach, but unfortunately, we couldn’t visit it due to time constraints.

A Konkan Adventure Worth Repeating
Konkan Picnic
Konkan Picnic

A visit to Konkan in Maharashtra is a must to savor the sea beaches, local cuisine, and overall experience. You can bring your children along and introduce them to the joy of watching dolphins playing in the sea, which is one of the main attractions. Personally, I’ve made a commitment to explore different parts of Konkan once every year. If you’ve had similar experiences in Konkan, please share your stories with our readers.

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